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We specialize in helping people who have 30 or more pounds to lose or who suffer with chronic illnesses: Fibromyalgia, Type II Diabetes, Thyroid, Neuropathy, etc. We don’t take the traditional approach to medical weight loss or chronic illness. There is no surgery, no prescription drugs or pre-packaged foods. We take a very natural approach to weight loss and chronic illness.

We look at the cause of the weight gain or chronic illness by taking a look at what is happening internally – like your toxicity levels, PH levels, cellular inflammation and several other critical measurements – then we customize a doctor supervised plan to help your body get back to performing at its best.

Chiropractor Tyler Elmore D.C.

Dr. Elmore began his undergraduate studies at Weber State University and finished his doctoral studies at Logan University in St Louis Missouri. He completed an internship in Chicago Illinois before returning to Utah in the fall of 2000 to set up his own private practice. Dr. Elmore pursued a career in healthcare after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Not happy with the way conventional medicine approached the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis he began to study nutrition, acupuncture, functional medicine and a more holistic approach to illness which eventually led him to study chiropractic. The holistic approach worked. After four years of working carefully with both medical and chiropractic physicians he is free from the discomforts of rheumatoid arthritis and now focuses his time and energy on helping others who suffer from various injuries and illnesses. Dr. Elmore now enjoys being as active as time allows. He enjoys spending time with family, scuba diving, MMA, and traveling. He has competed in over 100 triathlons all over the United States and has even completed two Ironman triathlons. Dr. Elmore has treated athletes of all kinds – professional football players, UFC fighters and members of the US Speed skating team, etc.


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